Links 18-03-08

International Women’s Day

  • To celebrate International Women’s Day, which happened this week, the Container Camp crew published a list of 36 of the most exciting engineers, community leaders, managers and contributors in the container ecosystem—newly updated for 2018.



  • In this post, Mark McDonnell explores terminology, key monitoring discussion points, and relevant best practices when instrumenting application performance monitoring.

  • Many years ago, when the cloud was just rising and DevOps was just an idea, a small but opinionated group got together to discuss the future of infrastructure. The Infrastructure 2.0 working group included internet legends and internet would-be-legends alike: Greg Ness, Christofer Hoff, James Urquhart, Vint Cerf, Bob Grossman, Dan Lynch. “Despite our earnest attempts…ultimately the timing just wasn’t right,” reports Lori MacVittie, writing for SDxCentral. Now, nearly ten years later, it’s happening.

  • So, you want to start playing around with Kubernetes because hey, why not? Brad Downey wanted to run a multi-node cluster and for him, it was about seeing it and feeling it; he learns better this way. Building and running Kubernetes clusters isn’t Brad’s day job, so he needed a way to understand what all the hype is about.

  • If you’re a newcomer to automation and CI, you’ll like this quick tutorial about Jenkins.


  • Underactuated – Algorithms for walking, running, swimming, flying, and manipulation. These are working notes used for a course being taught at MIT. They will be updated throughout the Spring 2018 semester.

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