Links 18-03-13


  • Technical Interview Performance by Editor/OS/Language: data shows there is a correlation between what editor an engineer uses, their language and OS, and their ability to pass programming interviews.

  • How to Design Programs (2nd Edition) – The purpose of this book is to introduce readers without prior experience to the systematic design of programs. In tandem, it presents a symbolic view of computation, a method that explains how the application of a program to data works. Roughly speaking, this method generalizes what students learn in elementary school arithmetic and middle school algebra.

  • Practical Go Benchmarks – A set of benchmarks that compare alternative techniques in a variety of areas like generating random strings and hashing.

  • The Go 2017 Survey Results – With responses from 6173 Go developers, there’s lots to digest here. Most Go developers use the language both at and away from work, and a lack of generics is the biggest complaint.

  • Best Practices for Writing High-Performance Go Code – A very much ‘in progress’ document but there’s already plenty to enjoy and your own contributions are encouraged.



  • Type in Tandem – Decentralized, cross-editor, collaborative text-editing. A protocol, back end, and plugins for various editors.

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