Links 18-05-19


  • Python 3.7: Introducing Data Classes – Python 3.7 will be released next month. Take a look at one of its most anticipated features: data classes. Find out what they are and how to use them together with the Star Wars API.

  • Learning Python Like a Pro – Check out this PyCon 2018 talk about learning and teaching Python with PyCharm Edu, by Liana Bakradze, a member of our Educational Products team. Liana demos how to create a course with automated checks and how you can benefit from using Stepik as a course platform.

  • Need to ‘git cherry-pick’ a commit? – One of the most commonly misunderstood version control commands is git cherry-pick, writes Cameron McKenzie for TheServerSide. That’s a real shame because being able to git cherry-pick a commit is one of the most useful skills a developer can employ when trying to isolate a software bug or fix a broken build.

  • Rust turns three – A look at the Rust programming language over the past three years.

  • Creating A Real-World CLI App With Node – a step-by-step guide to creating and organizing your first CLI app in Node.


  • Terraform: Sane practices and project structure. Terraform is a great tool but it is also a scary monster to tame, writes David Przybilla. If used correctly it can empower your team by hiding complex infrastructure setups. This blog post focuses on what has worked better in Przybilla’s organization regarding the structure of terraform projects and how to write infrastructure as code.


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