Links 18-06-10


  • You don’t know Bash – Although software engineers regularly use the command line for many aspects of development, arrays are likely one of the more obscure features of the command line (although not as obscure as the regex operator =~). But obscurity and questionable syntax aside, Bash arrays can be very powerful.

  • Vim Is The Perfect IDE – “Over the years I’ve jumped back and forth between many code editors, IDEs and tools; but it seems that somehow I always end up coming right back to VIM, and not only for programming – guess which markdown editor I’m using to write this post.”

  • What I have learned from eight years of being a remote developer.

  • How to use Visual Studio Code.

  • Build a Basic CRUD App with Vue.js and Node.

  • GoLand 2018.2 Early Access Program is open! Native vgo support, better inspections, new quickfixes, multiple GitHub accounts and TouchBar support.

  • How to write bulletproof code in Go: a workflow for servers that can’t fail – before diving into this workflow, you should ask yourself “does my server really need to be bulletproof?” There’s a lot of overhead involved in preparing for the worst, and it’s not always worth it, observes Tal Kol. Assuming it is worth it, he guides you through the process.

  • Developers should abandon Agile – others have said it before, and now Ron Jeffries makes his case: Agile is not so good for developers.

  • Top Java programming tools for development – if you were to put together a Java tool list for application development, what would it include? Chris Tozzi, for TheServerSide, shares his suggestions.

  • TIOBE Index for June 2018.


  • Get Couchbase running on AWS in 5 minutes – Couchbase is an open source, distributed, NoSQL database that supports a huge range of features: key-value storage, JSON document storage, secondary indices, full-text search, live-cluster reconfiguration and rebalancing, replication (including cross data center replication), horizontal scaling, automatic failover, and mobile synchronization. And now, we can add one more item to this list: easy deployment in AWS! Yevgeniy Brikman, cofounder of Gruntwork, has the details. # Misc

  • Best Linux software – UbuntuPIT’s evergreen editorial list of essential Linux apps.

  • How to start a cloud service.


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