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  • Running Ansible on a Windows system – Writing for DevOpsZone, Sandra Parsick answers the question, “What’s the best way to run Ansible on a Windows system?” Her tutorial covers the toolchain and the steps to make it happen.

  • AWS CloudWatch monitoring with Grafana – Hybrid cloud is the new reality, says Mohamed Labouardy, writing for Hacker Noon. Therefore, you’ll need a single tool, general purpose dashboard, and graph composer for your global infrastructure. That’s where Grafana comes into play. Its pluggable architecture gives you access to many widgets and plugins for creating interactive, user-friendly dashboards. In this quick tutorial, Labouardy shows you how to create dashboards in Grafana to monitor in real-time your EC2 instances based on metrics collected in AWS CloudWatch.

  • 16 blogs and newsletters to follow for DevOps practitioners – It’s important to keep up with trends in this fast-paced world of technology. Note: The O’Reilly Systems Engineering and Ops newsletter, Programming newsletter, and Security newsletter are all recommended here. That means you’re reading the right stuff, right now.

  • How to minimize friction between DevOps and SRE – In most companies, there’s an ongoing battle between Dev and SRE teams. A lot has already been written about this and the problems it causes. As with the majority of conflicts, most of the friction comes from misunderstanding and poor communication. That’s why one way to resolve this tension is to break down barriers and work in a way that’s transparent to other teams. In this post, the engineers at Hosted Graphite explain how they place a high value on transparency at every level of their organization. They even teach staff how to ask for a pay raise.

  • Deploying React Applications with Webhooks and Slack on Ubuntu 16.04: a thorough walkthrough on setting up a deployment system using webhooks, Nginx, shell scripts, and Slack.


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