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  • Site reliability engineering (SRE): A simple overview – Curious about site reliability engineering (SRE)? This overview on O’Reilly Ideas is for you. It covers some of the basics of SRE: what it is, how it’s used, and what you need to keep in mind before adopting SRE methods.

  • Health checks and graceful degradation in distributed systems – “In her Velocity keynote, Tamar Bercovici of Box highlighted the importance of health checks while automating database failovers,” writes Cindy Sridharan. “In particular, she emphasized how monitoring end to end query times is a better way of determining the health of a database than simplistic pings.” This led to an interesting discussion among friends.

  • Visualizing a DevOps mindset – Use this graphical analysis to help develop a DevOps strategy for your organization.

  • IP addresses and routing – When one of her team members asked to learn more about IP addresses—seemingly a simple subject—Julia Evans put together a workshop for her team about IP addresses and how IP routing on Linux works. Here are her notes for her presentation.

  • So you want to be a DevOps engineer – Answer these 10 sample interview questions to see how you’ll do.


  • PostgreSQL vs MongoDB v2 – benchmarking read performance of PostgreSQL and MongoDB on same data sets.

  • The 10:1 rule of writing and programming – “Writers are notorious for missing deadlines,” writes Yevgeniy Brikman. “Programmers are notorious for being wildly off with estimates. The question is, why?” All of a sudden, Brikman had an idea how to answer the question—and the answer is eye-opening.”

  • def programming – awesome site with programming quotes on it. A lot are awesome!

  • What is a Makefile and how does it work? – “If you want to run or update a task when certain files are updated, the make utility can come in handy,” writes Sachin Patil in a tutorial for You may have used it for compiling a program from source code. In this tutorial you’ll start by printing the classic “Hello World” on your terminal and then you’ll move on to other basic and some advanced techniques.

  • Microservice comparison – Stephen Solka demonstrates how to build a simple microservice in three languages to have a solid baseline for comparing implementation time.

  • The Webflow Tech Lead Guide – If you’ve accepted a Tech Lead role, congratulations, you’ve demonstrated exceptional technical skills and a knack for leadership — rare qualities, indeed! Or, if you’re curious about what the Tech Lead role offers and want to decide if it’s right for you, you’ve come to the right place.

  • The Effective Tech Lead is a 100x Engineer.

  • Top 10 System Design Interview Questions for Software Engineers – Designing Large Scale Distributed Systems has become the standard part of the software engineering interviews.


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