Links 18-09-09



  • Your developers should write Terraform, too – “Terraform is an amazing tool for provisioning infrastructure,” writes Luke Kysow. “But if only your ops team is writing Terraform, you’re missing out.” He explains how you can put the “Dev” into DevOps by having your developers write Terraform, too.”

  • A sysadmin’s guide to containers – According to Daniel J. Walsh, “The term ‘containers’ is heavily overused” and “can mean different things to different people.” In this post for, he explains what you need to know to understand how containers work.

  • Containers vs. Serverless from a DevOps standpoint – Two buzzwords walk into a bar… No? Yeah, let’s not go there. If you feel like this, you’re in the right place. Both containers and serverless have been the cool new kid on the block for the last few years, and the popularity simply isn’t dying down.

  • 7 open source tools for rugged DevOps – The goal of rugged DevOps is to ensure that code is secure at all stages of the engineering lifecycle. Writing on, Aaron Rinehart and James Wickett share a collection of useful tools for building security testing into the software development process.


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