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  • 3 open source log aggregation tools – Log aggregation is a valuable tool that can help with troubleshooting and other use cases involving event data. Dan Barker takes you through some key considerations and three top tools for log aggregation to help you get started.

  • Drone: The first open source container-native CI/CD software – Drone is a containerized CI/CD system for cloud-native development, used at companies like eBay and the New York Times. Drone uses a simple YAML configuration file, a superset of Docker Compose, to define and execute pipelines inside Docker containers. Creator Brad Rydzewski’s inspiration: “to architect out all the red tape companies can put around these tools.”


  • Is coding becoming obsolete? – No, coding is not becoming obsolete. However, “no-code” technologies are making it possible for those without development experience, like line managers and designers, to build minimum viable products themselves from scratch. While developers may be skeptical of the no-code movement, Levon Terteryan explains how they can also benefit from adding no-code techniques to their toolsets, in the second part of his series “Is coding becoming obsolete?”

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  • There are many “cookbooks” for open source tools. Here’s how one group is applying open source principles to actual cooking..

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