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  • 3 simple tricks for smaller Docker images – As the saying goes, less is more—and this is especially true when it comes to building Docker containers. Daniele Polencic, technical consultant at learnk8s, offers some tried-and-true tips for keeping your images on the small side for faster transfer and deployment.

  • A journey through microservices – “Microservices are fiercely independent. They can be designed, developed, tested (somewhat), deployed, and released independently of others. This promotes productivity at many levels, and across multiple roles,” explains Neil McKinnon in this guide to the what, when, and why of this software development technique.

  • DevOps…without DevOps tools? – Jagatveer Singh, CTO at Applify, provides some food for thought with this “what if?” exercise that imagines a world where DevOps tools don’t exist—and forces us to make do without them.

  • Using Docker containers to run a distributed application locally – Derian Tungka shows you how to run applications — without cloning them — by building a Docker Compose configuration.

  • Have you thought about becoming a site reliability engineer? – “You can become an SRE regardless of your background in software or systems engineering, as long as you have solid foundations in both and a strong incentive for improving and automating. If you are a systems engineer and want to improve your programming skills, or if you are a software engineer and want to learn how to manage large-scale systems, this role is for you.”

  • Why Kubernetes and Terraform are the pillars of modern IT infrastructure – Vadim Kuzeminsky, business development manager at Spaceport, gives his take on why Kubernetes and Terraform work so well for his organization.


  • Why I am finally switching from chrome to Brave – Brave is fast, secure and a cryptocurrency driven (for marketing and fixing the ad model of web) browser. It is trying to fix the internet as we know today, by improving the ad model. Having known about it couple of months ago, I had been postponing my switch to Brave for lack of extensions support. Now they have started supporting chrome extensions and hence I am switching.

  • 20 recommended utility apps for macOS in 2018 – Depending on the need, we have different apps on the mac. As someone who worked mostly with development, below are my indispensable apps. They are like suits to Tony Stark. Since I love open source apps, they have higher priority in the list.

  • What I’ve Learned By Interviewing – My career started in retail. No, I wasn’t any fancy executive. I’m talking about the, now, Office Max that’s down the street. Over the course of my career, I’ve gone on several interviews. Some good, some bad. Some were a downright waste of time. Here is what I’ve learned.

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