Links 18-12-05


  • Useful websites for programmers – List of some useful websites for programmers and developers.

  • How to make Python code concurrent with 3 lines – a great trick.

  • Shrink your Go binaries with this one weird trick – you can easily reduce a Go binary size by more than 6 times with some flags and common tools.

  • Results are in for Rust’s 2018 survey – The Rust survey team has shared the results of its 2018 survey on the state of the language. (The survey received 5,991 responses, three-quarters of which were from current Rust users.) Among the findings: nearly a quarter of users have used Rust for at least two years, and nearly a quarter of users also use Rust daily. However, challenges remain. While the survey showed that Rust is making gains in the workplace, the majority of respondents don’t use use Rust at work, and many don’t expect to in the near future. The results also suggest that Rust users struggle to reach productivity with the language, particularly in the first year of use. You can check out the results for yourself on the Rust Programming Language Blog.

  • GitHub’s top programming languages of 2018 – “At the core of every technology on GitHub is a programming language.” On the GitHub Blog, Thomas Elliott analyzes the popularity of programming languages on GitHub, stretching back as far as 2008. Read on to discover the top programming languages by repositories created, the top programming languages by contributors, geographic trends in languages by contributors, and more.



  • Could this be the perfect programming interview problem?

  • Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition Laptop – A look at Dell’s thin and sleek XPS 13 Developer Edition laptop that now ships with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS pre-installed.

  • Kubernetes is the new enterprise Linux – “The operating system no longer really matters. And for developers and the cloud, that means that Linux no longer really matters.ā€¦The tech industry has a new operating system it values: it’s called Kubernetes.” InfoWorld’s Matt Asay explains why Kubernetes has replaced Linux as the center of attention. It’s not that Linux is unimportant, Asay argues. Rather, it has become uninterestingā€””just plumbing.” That in itself isn’t so bad; as Kubernetes creator Brendan Burns recently noted, that’s exactly the eventual future he hopes for Kubernetes.

  • China vs. the World: A Kubernetes and Container Perspective – New data released from the Cloud Native Computing Foundationā€˜s Mandarin-translated survey of the cloud-native community show that the respondents from China are, in general, less far along in their deployment of containers and Kubernetes.

  • 7 command-line tools for writers – Instead of using a word processing program, why not write your next conference proposal, article, or tutorial at the command line?

  • You Can Do Better – a quick summary of everything Yegor Bugayenko would recommend a junior programmer to do in order to become senior.

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