Links 19-02-03


  • HTTPS In Development: A Practical Guide – Why and how to setup HTTPS certificates, with or without reverse proxy, in a your development environment.

  • Dead Simple Python: Classes – Classes and objects: the bread-and-butter of many a developer. Object-oriented programming is one of the mainstays of modern programming, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Python is capable of it.

  • Developer pet peeve: Not having clear role requirements – A new report from HackerRank, based on responses from more than 71,000 software developers in more than 100 countries, finds that “68% of developers say nothing irks them more than being unsure of what is expected of them.” And that’s not all. Reaad full report or get an overview of the research in this summary from SD Times.

  • How the Economist uses Go to build microservices – In this case study, software engineer Kathryn Jonas explains how the Economist transitioned from a monolith to microservice architecture to gain the flexibility required to deliver content to increasingly diverse digital channels. Find out why the engineering team chose Go and discover some lessons they learned in the process

  • Awesome Tmux – List of helpful tmux links for various tutorials, plugins, and configuration settings.

  • Awesome list of Important Podcasts for software engineers – List of podcasts which are helpful for software engineers/programmers.


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