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  • Major Programming Trends to Prepare for in 2019 – The new year is always a great time for reflection on the past year, but also a time to look forward to the next year and to imagine what’s to come.

  • Python v/s PHP: Which Programming Language to Choose in 2019? – In today’s disruptive tech world, Python and PHP are the two most-popular server-side languages in use. In many aspects, Python and PHP closely compete with each other because of its almost identical features. Their open-source benefits and productive features attract a majority of the businesses and developers to choose Python or PHP for app development.

  • Programming in Rust: the good, the bad, the ugly – Rust is a modern systems-level programming language designed with safety in mind. It provides zero-cost abstractions, generics, functional features, and plenty more. Many developers are picking up Rust because of it’s faster compiling times, and it’s gentle learning curve. However, Rust could also make a big impact in areas of gaming, data science, systems engineering, as well as others within the next 5 years. What is the good, bad and ugly of Rust?

  • 10 Data Structure, Algorithms, and SQL Courses to Crack Any Programming Job Interview – a list and overview of courses that help devs get through the dreaded coding interview.

  • SQL 201: 10 Ways to Tweak Slow Running Queries – resist the urge to rage quit and look into what’s slowing things down.

  • Understanding micro-frontends – “As a frontend developer, all these years you were developing monoliths, even though you already knew it was a bad practice. You divided your code into components, used require or import and defined npm packages in your package.json or mounted sub Git repositories into your project, yet you ended up building a monolith. It’s time to change it.”

  • Java Learning Topics 2018 Infographic is Live – Check out the results of the Java Learning Topics Survey conducted by JetBrains. In autumn 2018, JetBrains polled over 1,500 Java developers worldwide to identify their learning patterns and preferences.


  • A useful primer – for designing scalable database systems, looking at horizontal and vertical scaling, read replicas, sharding and application to microservices architectures.

  • Another good database post – this one covering implementing a load testing tool for a postgresql cluster. Good technical details for anyone interested in postgres and a good debugging story too.

  • Quick tips for anyone building Docker images using the multi-stage built pattern, focused on making sure you’re taking advantage of the layer cache.

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  • How I Write Online Articles – insight into one writer’s writing process.

  • The 2019 Developer Survey results – This year, we gained new insights from nearly 90,000 developers around their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages, preferences for how they work, and even the best music to listen to while coding.

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